29 mar 2013

Hair mania: new trends for Spring / Summer 2013

La parola d'ordine, in fatto di capelli, per questa primavera/estate è libertà. Chiome al naturale da modellare solo con le mani usando prodotti per lo styling e piccoli consigli che tornano sempre utili. 

The slogan, in terms of hair, for this spring / summer is freedom. Natural hair to be molded with the hands only using styling products and little tips that they always useful.

Siete pronte a mettervi le mani tra i capelli e a sperimentare?

Are you ready to put your hands in your hair and experience?

12 commenti:

  1. Love all of these hairstyles! :))

    Have a great weekend,

  2. i miei finalmente sono diventati lunghissimi quindi potrò iniziare a sbizzarrirmi con le pettinature ;)

    Lauren V.
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  3. Hello!! I like your blog and your fashion style! if you want, we can follow each other. I'm waiting for you in my blog!
    kisses :D

  4. Belle ispirazioni! ;)

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  5. Need to try a lot from this!


  6. Hi, nice post!
    thanks for your comment! Sure we can follow each other! I'm one of your new follower :)

    XX, Gwen

  7. Goin' gaga over hair matteRS!~ Gorgeous! Love Cara's hair style. :)
    Keep in touch! (^_^) Happy weekend! Happy Easter too dear!

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  9. Ooooh the hairstyles are so pretty! Just lovely